The 4x4 Industry has just made a MILLION DOLLAR PARADIGM SHIFT.  Our members are experiencing a Staggering Cash windfall in record time, all from a tiny $2.50 faith and gratitude seed.

Over two years in the making and miles apart from what you've seen before. Built for the long haul. This is The BIG ONE . . 


Plant a tiny $2.50 Seed, tell 4 others - You can have over $145,000 in 8 Weeks!


==>YES, this CAN BE USED AS A FEEDER PROGRAM to raise money for joining other higher cost programs.  ABSOLUTELY YES!! 


First and foremost, Our Products include Various Advertising Packs and Digital Downloads for each progressive Stage, Phase, or Tier (the higher the price paid constitutes a larger Ad Package and More Downloadable Products).


Our Program goes 2 Stages with only 4 Tiers in each Stage. The cost of Membership Tier 1 is ONLY $2.50. You can buy higher Tiers from your upline members at any time. The cost of each Tier is as follows:

Stage I

Tier # 1- $2.5  (pays out $10)
Tier # 2- $5     (pays out $80)
Tier # 3- $10   (pays out $640)
Tier # 4- $20   (pays out $5,120)

Stage II

Tier # 5- $100  (pays out $200)
Tier # 6- $200  (pays out $1,600)

We suggest sending the Payments Below via FedEx (one day delivery)

Tier # 7- $500   (pays out $16,000)
Tier # 8- $1000 (pays out $128,000)

Understanding How to Plant a Faith Seed, The Law of Attraction, and . .
Being as close as One Millimeter to Success

You Can Have, Be, or Do Anything You Want. Plant a Tiny Faith Seed, Tell Others . .


No. You can have only 1 account. There is no reason to have more than one account except to cheat the system.


Simple.  Everyone introduces just 4 members in one week time (at just $2.50 and our PIF'ing System, this is a breeze).  The start up cost is so tiny, you could even PIF $10 (4 members at $2.50), and fill your entire frontline and so could everyone else.

The easiest and most fun way for many (as reported by many members who are having some real fun making a lot of money with this), is to invite others to their very own "do what you love party".  What is that you say?

Let's say you love football, basketball, golf, reading, cooking, wine tasting, or whatever.  You simply invite 4 or more from your "passion party" to make a ton of money from their $2.50 entry fee to your specific party (no one cries over $2 bucks and .50 cents).  They do the same with whatever their "party passion" is (invite 4 or more from their party). 

By simply doing what you love, and . .

At the end of week 8, you will have earned over $145,800 (assuming you were smart enough to upgrade to the next higher Tiers in Stage I and Stage II).  And, so will they . . 

It turns into thousands per week and or even daily!  All from a one-time watch, reading, cooking, or tasting party doing what you love.

Remember, you can only earn on Tiers for which you have paid for product (so, ugrade as fast as you can so you do not miss out on any higher payouts).

Will it work to perfection in 8 weeks and 4 who get 4?

Of course not, that is why we say "4 or more", these are just examples and there are many variables to our proprietary comp plan. Too many to list here (just know that all commissions are a result of selling products and or services). The video is an overly simplified example and not an exacting science.

We are not head hunting to create an illegal ponzi scheme.

Please use common sense here. Bottom line, as with any real business, when product is sold, commissions are paid.


No. You can not skip Tiers. The Low Cost Faith and Gratitude System is giving you great things, which makes it easy to build your future. That is what the System is doing. It is allowing you to build an investment with no risk, and an extraordinary return. - Join Now - Gratitude and Faith creates miracles

No. Your site will appear on with your username. You simply promote your referral link to refer new members.


You are paid directly from your DownLine members to your Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay, or any mutually agreeable arrangement. 

Your 1st Tier (DIRECT) referrals pay you for MEMEBRSHIP Tier 1 and MEMBERSHIP Stage II - Tier 5 
Your 2nd Tier referrals pay you for MEMEBRSHIP Tier 2 and MEMBERSHIP Stage II - Tier 6
Your 3rd Tier referrals pay you for MEMEBRSHIP Tier 3 and MEMBERSHIP Stage II - Tier 7
Your 4th Tier referrals pay you for MEMEBRSHIP Tier 4 and MEMBERSHIP Stage II - Tier 8

IMPORTANT! Members can only receive payments up to their current membership Tiers. For example if you have purchased a package #1 and # 2 only, and someone from your 3 Tier referrals decided to buy a pack #3 (membership Tier 3) then YOU WILL PASS UP THIS PAYMENT.

And, they may pay to their direct or indirect UpLine member that has already purchased this package. In other words, the system automatically chooses the very first member from this member's UpLine with a membership Tier 3 or higher.


You can use any method you and your assigned upline agree upon (it may be advantageous to have them temporarily upgrade you, pending receipt of payment, if the Trust and Faith is there) 



Yes! You could invite any number of new members and they will be placed in your matrix and those below you matrices (helps them and you)

You can have everything you want - If, you will just help enough other people get what they want!

A Reference Number is a unique number that is generated upon successful completion of a transaction. It can be found in your transaction activity box when you are logged into your Processor account. It is always in the following format and consists of alphanumeric characters: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX


Your membership is NON-REFUNDABLE. All payments are final. We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our members (or your Upline).  If you cannot afford to put in $2.50 without hurting yourself, don't join.

We never even handle that money - it is paid directly member-to-member.

Yes, the Back-Office allows changes to your profile. The only thing you cannot change is your Username and email (requires support).


1. Log in your account at site

2. Click a link marked "Upgrade Account"
3. Copy the email or ID of the recipient
4. Log in to your Processor account
5. Complete your payment and copy the transaction ID (reference number)
6. Input the processor used and transaction ID number into the form on the same page at site and click "Submit"


13. Do you have a PIF Program? 

Yes, we have created a Pay It Forward (PIF) program where you can PIF your free members.

This process insures that eveyone continues to move and or have an opportunity to participate in a fast moving, money making program that does not stall. You WILL make it to the BIG PAYOUTS faster and without major delays.

You simply GIVE in order to RECEIVE. It's All about planting the RIGHT seeds. Help somebody and help yourself.

You can everything in life you want (financial success), if you will just help enough others get what they want ($145,800+). And, you get the matching bonus.



NO. (if you seriously cannot plant a faith and gratitude seed of just $2.50, you may want to reconsider making money online) - Join Now - Gratitude and Faith creates miracles