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Obviously, the number one priority for those looking to make money online, is to find an opportinity to do so, quickly, easily, and without a huge cash outlay to get started.

They want to do this without any previous experience or know-how. They want to have fun whilst making money at the same time. What if, making money were no longer a problem for anyone on Planet Earth? Now, that's a Bold statement.

Over two years in the making and miles apart from what you've seen before, we are built for the long haul. Not here today and gone tomorrow. This is the BIG ONE . .

''AndThanks2U'' is an advertising and digital downloads program with 4 Membership Tiers in Two Stages, that you may participate in. Our members earn 100% of commissions. All payments are made directly member to member. You recover your initial payment immediately with your first referral.

AndThanks2U'' uses an Easy, Small Fast Filling Two Stage 4x4 Forced Team Matrix System with massive SPILLOVER. Every member can only have 4 downlines on their Tier 1. Any additional members sponsored by you, your upline or downline members are automatically placed by the system on the next open Tier down in their team matrix and placed under another team member.

"AndThanks2U" is designed to put you into profits in the shortest time possible helping you earn $145,000+ in passive income and in just Two Stages, and in as fast as 8 weeks. With very little effort, sponsors can compound their income to over $729,000 with just 4 personally sponsored (and, it doesn't stop there - there is No Limit on what recruiters can earn).
"AndThanks2U" has an EXTRAORDINARY Pay Plan that pays you up to $145,000+ starting from a tiny $2.50 cash outlay where, not just "Almost Anyone" but, "Everyone" can participate. 
"AndThanks2U" can be used as a "feeder" into higher price point programs.  The possibilites and what you can make are endless (we even offer members, only the best, company approved opportunities - with your prebuilt downline already intact).

Simple. Everyone introduces just 4 members in one week time (at just $2.50 and our PIF'ing System, this is a breeze). Many will complete this part in days or even hours. Why and How? The start up cost is so tiny you could even PIF $10 (4 members at $2.50), and fill your entire frontline and so could everyone else.

At the end of week 8, you will have earned over $145,800 (assuming you upgraded to the next higher Tiers in Stage I and Stage II).

You can only recieve payments on Tiers for which you have paid for product (so, upgrade as fast as you can so not to miss out on any higher payouts).

This Gratitude and Faith System is unlike anything else out there on the net ($145,800+ for Passive Members who simply upgrade to the higher Tiers and for Recruiters, the 100% Pass Up Match in Stage II keeps them motivated to build the Passive members and their income), It . .

  • Has the smallest entry level commitment 
  • Is great for newbies who want to dip their toes into the waters of making money online 
  • Keeps downline members in play and making money until they are ready for the upper Teir payouts and other higher price point programs - all, from profits earned. 
Forced Passive Income Matrix . . 
  • Each affiliate has a limited number of members in their direct downline (4 frontline only) 
  • Spillover and Spillunder helps everyone grow their business faster 
  • Exclusive Stage II 100% Pass up Match for Sponsors (encourages the builders to build stronger and faster), while at the same time - provides for Passive Earners to get to the Top Payouts (upwards of $145,000 can be earned by passive members) 


Most agree - If you cannot earn here, you can't earn anywhere 
  • Quick Overview: 

Stage I

  • Give $2.50 - Get $10 
  • Give $5 - Get $80 
  • Give $10 - Get $640 
  • Give $20 - Get $5,120 

Stage II (100% Pass Up Match for Sponsors - All upgrades are from already earned Profits, your only out-of-pocket is $2.50 to get started).

Starts with $100 from your $5,120 Profits above.

  • Give $100 - Get $200 (Sponsor gets every other sale) 
  • Give $200 - Get $1,600 (Sponsor gets every other sale) 
  • Give $500 - Get $16,000 (Sponsor gets every other sale) 
  • Give $1,000 - Get $128,000 (Sponsor gets every other sale) 

POTENTIAL INCOME: $145,800 from Stage II - $5,850 from Stage I

  • Initial payment to upline:ONLY $2.50 (this is your total out-of-pocket) 
  • Payment systems: Any method you choose (Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay, etc) 
  • Downline structure: 4x4 forced matrix with 100% Pass Up Matching Bonuses 
  • Sponsorship:No sponsorship required 
  • Refunds:NO REFUNDS policy (there is no admin fee or interaction, it is member-to-member) 
  • Product: Targeted Online Advertising and Bonus Digital Webucation Products 


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