The 4x4 Industry has just made a MILLION DOLLAR PARADIGM SHIFT.  Our members are experiencing a Staggering Cash windfall in record time, all from a tiny $2.50 faith and gratitude seed.

Over two years in the making and miles apart from what you've seen before. Built for the long haul. This is The BIG ONE . . 



Before contacting support:

Here is the latest update:

PIF has been restored (please read carefully, the info on the PIF page before making a PIF payment).

Programmers have completed the issue where you COULD NOT upgrade to a higher positon because the system said, you needed to upgrade at a previous lower position.

This means you may now continue to Upgrade to the Big Money Positions.

If your sponsor has not entered their info to receive payment - DO NOT CONTACT SUPPORT. We have in place a solution to show their CONTACT EMAIL and Yours for each transaction. Do Not Confuse CONTACT INFO. with PAYMENT INFO. If you send payment to a CONTACT EMAIL and it is not the receiver's PAYMENT EMAIL, you will not be verified (be certain to send PAYMENTS to PAYMENT DETAILS email ONLY).

This will solve most issues on sending and receiving.

The 12 hrs removal for FREE positons in your Tiers has been changed to allow 24 hrs. ( The System is described below).

We will also have a system that will remove FREE members in 24 hrs from Tiers, that are just sitting there, taking up space (not an issue in most other Tiers - just in Tier 1). They will still be able to upgrade later when they are Actually Ready to Pay the $2.50 seed.


There is a Drop Down Menu for recording payment processors used to make the payments under the PENDING PAYMENTS link (some are not actually clicking on the arrow for this and is looks like to the receiver that the payment came from a PROCESSOR they did not actually make payment from).

Please USE the drop down menu and actually SELECT how you ACTUALLY made payment to the receiver.

We are clearing ALL current support issues (any issue prior to May 27, 2014 7pm CST), as most are pertaining to these issues. We will take on other issues as they come.

Drill Down for Stage I downline view is ready - click on Positions to view (Stage II will be available soon - do not send support tickes on this), it will be available soon.

The video below will show everyone How To take care of Pending Payments FASTER and smoother.

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This is the only program where I have gotten spillover. I already have three spillover and one of them upgraded :)

This is an absolute blessing. Faith moves mountains. Thanks to Angela Holmes, my sponsor, and the admin of the program.


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